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SUNDAY – SEPTEMBER 17 – 8:00 p.m. to 00:00 p.m.


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Due to divergences of interest between EDEN SEED and vocalist Claudio, he is no longer part of the group, giving space to the talented Luis Henrique, who previously sang in the Sepultura Tribute.

As guitarist Gisele Marie points out:
“Changes are a part of life and always important. We wish the best to Claudio, but we have to move on, and fortunately we know Luis Henrique who is a great vocalist besides having great versatility, giving more options and variations to our sonority. ”

Thus, EDEN SEED remains firm on the recordings of “Age Of Creation” that will now feature Luis Henrique on vocals.

Enjoy and check out the videos with the band’s new voice:

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EDEN SEED is winning the world in a variety of ways, whether for its music or image, and having this in its favor guitarist Gisele Marie recently granted an interview with Pakistan’s PHASER magazine.

Where Gisele spoke of EDEN SEED’s current work, as well as her new line-up and the upcoming Debut being recorded. Also commenting on the issue of Islam and the impact that its image generates to the headbangers.

Do not waste time and know a little more the work of this promising band:



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