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Age of Creation is the last work of Matheus Manente as a member of Eden Seed. Despite having participated actively in all the work of composition, arrangements and recording of the band’s first full-length album, Matheus made the decision to direct his career to musical production.

So, Eden Seed presents to the public their new bassist, Leonardo Yasuhei.

Leonardo Yasuhei – a young and experienced musician.

Leonardo Yasuhei, the new Eden Seed’s bassist, is a professional musician, multi-instrumentalist and a very active music teacher. He studied at EM&T, FIAM-FAAM, and is currently a teacher at the ALLEMANDE music school, where he was also a student. In addition, he is currently taking the Bachelor of Music course at Cantareira College.

“When I was hired by EdenSeed, this was something that was a surprise to me… Surprised to see so many new minds in such a closed, almost restricted musical style. I felt a huge responsibility, but I feel at home, here I know that imagination has no limits. Here I can be the artist I want to be.” – says Leonardo, who brings new musical elements to the already vast and eclectic musical cauldron of Eden Seed.

About the departure from Eden Seed, Matheus Manente says:

The time I spent with Eden Seed was one of great learning. We played a lot, performed live and produced a heavy metal record, which is also the first rock album in the world recorded by a Muslim guitarist who uses niqab. I am not Muslim and, regardless of religious beliefs, I am proud to have been part of this important step towards breaking stereotypes and bringing together different cultures in the world. It is always humble to remember that borders and countries are only human inventions, extremism is the exception and not the law, and that planet Earth is home for all of us.

However, personal and professional decisions led me to decide that the album Age of Creation would be my last step within the band. In addition to writing and recording all bass lines, I also produced all songs, recorded keyboards, percussion, backing vocals, and worked with the mixing and mastering. Right now, I’m working on the distribution with my label Vmbrella.

The process was great and the final product is a heavy metal album in the ways of classic bands such as Sepultura, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath, also incorporating eclectic influences from electronic music, brazilian rhythms, blues, progressive rock and more. The sound is organic and perhaps a bit old-fashioned, because we focused on the use of non-digital means for recording – including real non-sampled drums, tube amplifiers and analog synthesizers. But this is the great charm of this album, which bets on its unique sounds and does not try to be another in the midst of so many heavy metal releases that, in my opinion, always end up with the same plastic sound.

In addition to Gisele on guitars, Marcos on drums and Luis Henrique on vocals, we had the participation of my great friend and excellent country guitarist Guto Vighi on the song “Earth” and the band now carries on with Leonardo playing bass.

Our friendship continues and i wish the band tons of success in the years to come! As for the album, it can be heard on your favorite platform, such as Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes and even Youtube. Moving forward!


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NO VIOLENCE – previous song from AGE OF CREATION, the first full album of EDEN SEED + surprise! OFFICIAL RELEASE! 43Âş COMANDO NOISE!

SUNDAY – December 03, 2017 – 08:00 pm


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Interview with Gisele Marie Rocha to Laura RodrĂ­guez Quiroga of the radio show Cabezas de Tormenta, during her participation in the La Mala Mujer Festival.


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