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EDEN SEED is the new band that has, among its members, guitarist MARIE GISELE ROCHA.

GISELE MARIE ROCHA gained notoriety in the media for a non-musical reason: the fact that she is Muslim, practice religion, and always wear niqab (face veil that, combined with other Islamic clothing, leaves only the eyes visible).

After playing in several bands, and mark constant presence in the worldwide media channels like Record TV, G1 Portal and Folha de São Paulo Journal (Brazil), New York Post (USA), Daily News and BBC (England), Le Monde (France) and others, GISELE decided to form her own band, with the intention of putting into practice the concept of fusion between heavy/thrash metal (the musical style that has always characterized her career) and eclectic artistic ideals that always aroused interest in her.

On November 8, 2015, she headlined a benefit concert in support of Syrian refugees who are in Brazil.

This show happened in Duque de Caxias (RJ) – Brazil, with the participation of the future EDEN SEED singer CLÁUDIO MARCHESE and guest musicians, in an event that was seen by 3,000 people. Again, the world press published several news about this event, especially Reuters International.

Since then, she joined singer CLAUDIO MARCHESE and together they created the initial concept of EDEN SEED.

The band’s official release took place on June 29, 2016, in an exclusive show in the traditional ESPAÇO SOM, in São Paulo (Brazil), with opening and participation of the dancer and dance teacher Silvia Aidar and the derbakist Anderson Vaccari. After the first show, EDEN SEED released the single RISING UP, featuring the songs RETURN and SPIRITS IN HELL, and the official RETURN music video, consolidating the name of the band and concluding the year 2016 as the newest revelation of heavy metal Brazilian.

EDEN SEED begins 2017 with a new bassist, MATHEUS MANENTE, music producer and multi instrumentalist, and with a new drummer, MARCOS HENRIQUE, and now the band prepares to record their first full album.

Blending distincts artistic and cultural elements to his powerful thrash metal, full of eclectics musical influences, EDEN SEED always presents unique concerts that are not repeated, which certainly more surprising than the fact that the band has a Muslim guitarist who use niqab.

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EDEN SEED - Official Website - All Rights Reserved 2017